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Firms across industries turn to VerAleo for expert assistance with tax and funding needs.

VerAleo leverages proprietary technology to streamline  filings, to ensure accuracy and timeliness, and maximize cash flows, allowing partners to focus on growth.

Unlock Incentives. Access Funds.

  • Integrated Data Processing
    Connect your existing systems through our Portal
  • Quickly Identify and Review Opportunities
    AI-enabled Expert Review of Available Credits and Grants for your industry, state, and size
  • Securely File and Obtain Funds
    Easy fill forms and track your funds in our portal


TaxTech Solutions for CFOs and CPAs

IRS Compliance
State and Federal Incentives
Grant Funding

More than 1,000+ IRS Filings Processed


Michael Huffstetler, JD, CPA

Managing Partner, General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Huffstetler, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Scherer, MBA

Managing Director

Our Mission

Empower financial leaders to swiftly execute on new tax initiatives and safely secure funds.